Welcome to Langgeng

Welcome to Langgeng


Through 3 decades of experience, we are more than capable of assisting you to meet the specification of your needs, including residential, commercial, public, and high rise buildings


Working with many qualified brands in home products gives us the advantages of offering best quality hardware for you


We are striving to give better services for our customers, and providing a good atmosphere in our showroom is one of our main focus.



Since 1983

Started as a little shop around the corner, CV Langgeng has grown into a prominent bathroom and kitchen equipment distributor.

Our product range includes faucets, sanitary wares and bathroom accesories, kitchen sinks and kitchen appliances, switch and sockets, insulator, floor drains and water reducer.

Since the beginning, we have been offering only the best quality products. Distinguished brands like Grohe, Blanco, Kohler, Jung, Viega, and many more has been trusting us to be their brand distributor for more than 3 decades

We have been working hand-in-hand with countless consultants, architect, designers, engineers as well as owners to choose the perfect equipment for their projects. We are experienced in supplying for residential as well as public buildings all around Indonesia.

Our customer’s satisfaction has always been our priority. That is why we are prepared to do site visit, supervision, design consultation, and even installation.

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